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Welcome to the Audio Page.
The media player on the right is loaded with a varied playlist of music from a wide range of projects.

If you like something you hear, or even if you don’t quite hear anything similar to what you need please make contact. Let me know what you need and I’ll produce a sample of work with no obligation. This can be to your written spec, or scored to a video file. This way you can see exactly what I can offer your production with absolutely no risk.

Now that you’re here:

Let the music play... The media player is updated with my very latest work (usually before the videos are available on the main page). Its also loaded with a huge mix of styles, including a few hidden surprises

this can be to your spec, and even in sync to your footage.

Studio Music:
Developments in computer technology and music software have changed the way all modern composers work. Low budget productions can be scored like high budget films within budgets and time scales that would once have been considered ridiculous.

Music technology has developed to the point that it is often impossible to hear the difference between real instruments and computer generated performances.

The track in the player called ‘A Young Girl Fights For Her Life’ is 100% a computerised performance. It is only fairly recently that I would have considered completing work like this without session musicians.  More technical information on studio technology in use here can be found on the ‘About’ page.