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“Unbelievably brilliant!!!!!! The lift off choir had me nearly in tears ... sounds 1000% better than temp score... AMAZING!".

Peter Watkins-Hughes - Writer and Director, ‘Cow’.

"Stuart - you totally rock. Thanks for making those kickass backing tracks for my demos.
Even though we've never actually met in person, you're an awesome collaborator.

Or maybe we work so well together BECAUSE we never met... Who knows.

Jeff Marx

(co-creator of Avenue Q)"

"...And as much as it's pleasing to the eye, it's just as pleasing to the ear, Composer Stuart Fox's work on the film is some sweet ear candy”.

Review of Freak Out

"Stuart has the ability to nail down a tune in record time! ....

he has never failed to deliver something fresh and original”.

Ed Talfan

Writer / Director / Animator

About Stuart Fox:

Stuart Fox has had a fascination with the relationship between music, image and story for as long as he can remember. Playing themes from movies by ear on the piano from an early age and writing incidental music for theatre from his early teens. His 1st paid commission at the age of 15 was to produce music to accompany film clips of Roald Dahl for a museum installation.

With a classical background but a passion for experimentation and technology, Stuart studied music at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and archived a BA (hons) and a Masters in Music. During his degrees, especially at post graduate level, he specialised in composing and studying film and TV music, working with student film makers and on lower budget professional productions and getting a feel for working with picture, both creatively and technically.

Stuart’s interest in music is hugely diverse with a love of jazz, classical and musical theatre both old and modern.  His tastes range from the music of Trevor Wishart to Michelle Legrand. Stuart has a keen interest in experimental music of any genre and a love for a lot of what’s in the charts. Putting his iTunes library on shuffle can be a surreal, if not scary experience for some.

Shortly after graduating, Stuart scored his first feature film and had a half hour comedy drama featuring John Henshaw (post office adverts) and Denise Black (Corination St)  broadcast on the BBC.

Stuart now works full time, composing and producing music for applications ranging from Pre-School Animation to current affairs documentaries. Stuart has also worked in musical theatre, arranging original music from piano / vocal recordings and producing backing tracks for various clients.

Technical, What's in the studios... Stuart Fox Talks Tech:

Computer technology is at the centre of modern music production and has been for some time. Advances in both hardware and software capabilities have not only changed the way we make music, but forever changed the way we work with others.

I have 2 main composing workstations (OSX and Windows) and a small edit facility in my  main studio. This means that almost any audio and video file format is supported and can be converted for use in the composing studios. The edit facilities and the fact they are integrated with the music workstations mean that during the creative process, videos showing the music working with your film at various states of completion can be made and posted on this sites secure client area. This is a very time effective and productive way of working in my experience.

Computers: The primary DAW is a Mac Pro, Nehalem 8 core (8 x 2.93GHZ) 12GB Ram with a rack of 5 fast hard drives streaming sample libraries. I also have a Windows 7 64bit workstation and several test boxes for testing beta and new music software away from the main studio setup.

Audio Interfaces: RME Fireface 800, Line 6 KB37

Desks: Tascam DM3200, Panasonic Ramsa DA7

Hardware: Lots... although the main studio is the most minimal its ever been due

to the fact more processes than ever take place inside the box now. I have a few

favourites that still get used: Roland RD700GX, Korg Micro X, Korg MicroKorg,

Korg X5, Kork M1R, Roland XV3080

Software: My primary sequencer is MOTU Digital Performer 6.

Other DAW’s in use are Logic 8,

Cakewalk Sonar 8 (I wish there was a mac version of this)

Sounds: Apart from the instruments I play, I used a great deal of virtual instruments

and sample libraries. These include East west Quantum Leap PLAY, loaded with

Storm Drum 2 (SD2), Gypsy, Goliath, Fab Four, Symphonic Orchestra, and Voices of Passion. Motu Symphonic Orchestra, Vienna Ensemble, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Halion, Hypersonic, Realguitar 2, True pianos, NI Battery 3, NI Kore player and Kontact.

For me, right now.. The combination of Vienna Symphonic Libraries for melodic, natural and real sounding orchestral work, Omnisphere for warped, edgy but organic sounds and Play Libraries is the ultimate for producing modern TV scores. My score for ‘Cow’ The anti texting while driving PSA was heavily reliant on this combo.