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Welcome to my Kontakt Instruments Page.

I have developed a number of custom Kontakt Instruments for use in a few of my projects over the last couple of years and I’ve decided to offer up some of them initially free of charge.  These are small, fun and hopefully useful instruments, they may be slightly rough around the edges and I take no responsibility for them so you download and use at your own risk ;-)

If they make your machine explode or cause you to rip your hair from your head, you can’t come after me with a baseball bat!

So if you feel inclined, check out the offerings below! Feel free to let me know if you find anything useful or have any suggestions.

Dream Guitar (Kontakt 4.2 +)
This little instrument is made from some bowed electric guitar
source sounds from a bigger library I’ve developed. I came up with
this patch for a cue and thought I’d share it. Its useful for bass pad

Didge Drone(Kontakt 5.0.2+)
A drone sound from some didge blowing I did for a doccumentry on
Australia. The source sound has been processed and stretched
to make an ominous drone. Try the Mod Wheel.

Thumb Piano (Coming Soon)
2 instruments made from a thumb piano I bought at a market in the
south of France. Its a lovely instrument and I wanted it at my
fingertips all the time while I was working on a program on Zanzibar

Flute Tap (Coming Soon)
I was interested to see how a tuned percussive instrument made
out of the taps of flute pads against the holes would work.

I multi sampled taps recorded from the flute’s mouthpiece and
here is a demo of what I came up with.