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Cow - PSA texting and driving car crash scene

Crash Scene

Hospital Scene

‘You Killed Them’

Cow - British road safety PSA - You Killed Them - End Scene Cow - Text drive PSA, Cassie fighting for life in hospital
‘Cow’ (Only Stwpd Cowz Txt n Drive)
Watch Scenes from ‘Cow’
In 2009 Stuart Fox wrote an original score for ‘Cow’;
a hard hitting drama depicting a graphic and horrific
car crash caused by texting while driving.

A clip from this 30 minute drama was uploaded to
YouTube and within days it had been watched by
millions of people, becoming an international

Towards the end of 2009 ‘Cow’ had been discussed in Time Magazine, featured on CNN,
Today and many other news channels in the USA. ‘Cow’ also featured in almost all of the
UK’s print and television media.

Talking on the Today Program noted ad executive Donny Deutsch said he believes the ad
may be the most powerful ever — and agreed that it needs to be required viewing.

“I will show this to every kid I know, and I salute the police department,”

Stuart Fox on creating the score

“I had to find a musical voice that would support the story and character emotion without
overwhelming the viewer or undermining the narrative or acting work. I realised that I could
very easily take away some of the film’s power and completely ruin it if I made the wrong
musical decisions.

What we came up with was a successful balance I think between supporting and enhancing
the Tragedy and drama of this film in an understated way. Getting this tone right was one
of my Biggest challenges yet”