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‘America: The Story Of US’
Watch The Building Of Liberty
Note: All the music after 3:18 was written by Stuart Fox.
Recently, Stuart had the distinct pleasure of working
with Composer John Hardy as part of the team at
‘John Hardy Music’ writing original music for
History Channel’s biggest production to date:
‘America: The Story Of Us’

Original music by Stuart Fox was used across four
episodes of the series (7-8 ‘Metropolis’ and 9-10
‘The Rise Of a Superpower’) in several dramatic and
Powerful scenes including an exciting recreation of
The building of the Statue of Liberty, the bombing of
Pearl harbour and the testing of the first atomic
bomb to name a few.

‘I found this to be truly one of the most exciting
projects I’ve ever worked on. The production values
and drama captured in the reconstructions from
history seemed more like a Hollywood blockbuster
movie in places than a history documentary. Working
with John on this project was up there with the the
most enjoyable and exciting times I’ve had as a composer so far.

On a technical note: all the music composed by myself relied heavily on today's cutting
edge sound libraries and virtual instruments: amongst the most indispensable are the Vienna
Symphonic Library, East West’s PLAY libraries, Spectrasonic’s fantastic ‘Omnisphere’ Synth and
Evolve Mutations by Heavyocity (amongst others) from NI.
‘America: The Story Of Us’