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Stuart Fox composes original score
For hard hitting road safety drama
and international Internet

‘Cow’. (Broadcast on BBC3 as ‘ONLY

Tools of the trade: Vienna Symphonic Library : This is used in pretty much every piece of music I write and produce PLAY instruments are awesome - check out the site and lively forums MOTU Digital Perfromer 7 7.01 7.02 7.03 8 Omnisphere by Spectrasonics - Great for TV and Film Music Evolve Mutations (NI) is great - you'll hear it in a great deal of my recent TV work
I am very proud to have recently completed original music for the upcoming
episode of ‘Megastructures’.

This exciting episode follows the team behind the design and construction of
the London 2012 Olympic Stadium as they are faced with unique and
unprecedented construction challenges that call for some groundbreaking

This episode will be on Channel 5 and National Geographic this year.
I’ll tweet when its on so follow me.


Stuart Fox Composer scores original music for Yr Ynys, Islands ISLANDS
In the late part of 2010 and a large part of 2011 I was working on an epic
international 6 part documentary featuring the rich cultures and scenic beauty of
some of the world’s most unique islands.

The series features Iceland, Zanzibar, Cuba, Cyprus, Fiji and the
Galapagos Islands and will be broadcast on the National Geographic Channel,
S4C (broadcast as ‘Yr Ynys’) and France 5.

To see full episodes on YouTube, follow these links
Cyprus | Zanzibar | Fiji | Galapagos
Working with ‘John Hardy Music’
Stuart Fox has composed original
music featured on 4 episodes of
History Channel’s groundbreaking
documentary drama:

‘America: The Story Of US’

See a scene from the show:

Welcome to the official web pages of UK TV composer, Stuart Fox.

Music by Stuart Fox: Stuart has a passion for integrating music with visuals and story.

His work can be seen at work in a wide variety of applications including TV drama, children’s media, preschool music, TV and Radio Advertising, Feature films, Comedy, documentaries, Viral marketing videos, you may even come across music by Stuart Fox in a museum!

Need Music? Make contact and Stuart can usually provide a demo specifically for your project within hours, this can be to your spec, and even in sync to your footage.

State of the art! As budgets and time frames get tighter, you’ll be excited by the results that can be obtained using studios equipped with some of the latest music technology innovations. Even on the tightest budget, you’ll have great, real sounding music without the price tag of 15 session musicians.

More technical info can be found on the ‘About’ Page.